Timelion lines split


I want to make timelion of daily execution time of robot so I can see how many minutes each hour robot works during day. I use total execution time in seconds as metric. Problem I have is, that total exectuion time might be couple of hours sometimes. Is it possible to split line which has more than 60 minutes and place it into visualisation.

.es(q='totalExecutionTime AND robotName:"HSSQL-UIP-P03"' metric=sum:totalExecutionTimeInSeconds).divide(60).lines(fill=7, steps=TRUE).label('Daily Exectuion Time (minutes)')


interesting question, depends on exactly how you see it functioning.

You can lock the interval of your aggregation to be no more than one hour.


That way, no robot will have a total execution time of more than 60m.

But you will be locked into using a time interval of at most an hour for your entire min/max range, not just for the intervals where the total execution time exceeds an hour.

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