Timelion not equal

Here is my current Timelion query. How do I EXCLUDE lines? I'd like to exclude apache log lines that have source.ip ::1 and destination.domain localhost. Thanks.

.es(q='event.dataset:apache.access AND agent.name:server7').label(server7).color(red),
.es(q='event.dataset:apache.access AND agent.name:server8').label(server8).color(green),
.es(q='event.dataset:apache.access AND agent.name:server9').label(server9).color(#0000FF)
.title('Server Requests')


Does this work?

event.dataset:apache.access AND agent.name:server7 AND NOT source.ip:1 AND NOT destination.domain:localhost

Wow that was too easy. Wish it was in the documentation! I spent hours looking for that!

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