Timelion null

When I plug this in to Timelion, I get a nifty graph:

.es(index=vision-*, 'avg:cacheFetch.99thPercentile').derivative()

However, when I add kibana=true:

.es(index=vision-*, kibana=true, 'avg:cacheFetch.99thPercentile').derivative()

I get a nasty error:

Timelion: Error: in cell #1: [parsing_exception] Unexpected token VALUE_NULL [size] in [avg]., with { line=1 col=312 }

Is this expected behavior?

hi @beckyb8,

can you add the metric identifier before the metric-parameter?


 .es(index=vision-*, kibana=true, metric='avg:cacheFetch.99thPercentile').derivative()

@thomasneirynck Thanks, for suggesting an ordering issue. I used the following, and it worked flawlessly.

.es(index=vision-*, 'avg:cacheFetch.99thPercentile', kibana=true).derivative()

As a follow-up, is there an order-based protocol I should be aware of?

hi @beckyb8,

There are some conveniences in the API for common use-cases (e.g. metric), but they aren't documented. So I wouldn't rely on it, and use named parameters instead.

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