Values of type: VALUE_NULL

Hello everyone,

I am trying to visualize a timelion and this is the query i am using:

the messageText has data inside as well as the sentTime and i just want to visualize their correllation. What does VALUE_NULL mean, does it mean that the uco-observable:messageText.keyword doesnt exist? or that it is empty? I have looked everywhere for this and found nothing unfortunately. Maybe the solution is something simple, that I cannot think right now.

Thank you!


@Stratoula_Kalafateli can we please get some help here? Thank you!

Hey @ebosdev, which version of kibana do you use?
The problem here I think is the : in the field names. This was fixed in 7.13. Here is the PR [Timelion] Fixes bug with escape colons in field names in the metric/split parameter by Dmitriynj · Pull Request #96770 · elastic/kibana · GitHub that made this fix.

Thank you for your replies. The we are using is 7.9.3.

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