Handle line chart missing values

Hello, I'm trying to visualize the price of gold through a month but I only have values for weekdays, so the value for weekends is null. Using min_doc_count I can take out the nulls but I want the weekend to have the same value as friday without creating new logs. How can I do this?
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I think you should be able to create this behavior using timelion.

Try something like this:


The carry option interpolates missing data using the latest available data.

If you need to apply additional filtering, you may use the timelion if function as well.

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We are working on enabling this in other visualization types, a change was recently merged to our charting library which will hopefully make its way into various editors soon: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/17717

I tried to use Timelion but I can't define the timefield to be "data". With .es(*) I can see that all the logs are being read correctly but timefield='data' does nothing