Timelion Point Size

in Timelion I'm trying to make the point size of my data relevant to a specific parameter.
In the example below, all points have a radius 8.

.es(index=..., metric..., timefield=..., split=...).points(show=true, radius=8)

What I want to do is something like:
.es(index=..., metric..., timefield=..., split=...).points(show=true, radius=(.es(.......) ) )

Is this possible? The info for .points(radius) says only numbers are accepted.
How can I achieve this?

Thank you.

i don't think that is possible. Point size is global argument, that will apply to all points in your series.

It's sad though, since I can do more with timelion than with the regular line graph. I'm still experimenting with this, hopefully someone posts an answer soon.
I watched all the videos of the guy who made timelion (forgot his name, Mr. Khan), but no hints on the question above.
Thanks for the reply.

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