how i can implement formula of simple interest in timelion graph?

Can you explain in greater detail what you are planning to do?
How does your data look like? How does the chart look like you want to see?

` .es(index="terrena_1*", metric="sum:Job Size (GB)", split="Client.keyword:5")
.lines(fill=8, steps=1, width=3)
.label("$1", "^.* > Client.keyword:(\S+) > .*")
.title("Alert chart of 30 %")
.yaxis(1,min=0,max=100,null,'Sum of Job Size (%)')

.es(index="terrena_1*", metric="sum:Job Size (GB)", split="Client.keyword:5")
.label("$1 Alert 30%","^.* > Client.keyword:(\S+) > .*")`

I want to create an alert line which will show alert when it goes below 30% of the volume and above 30% of the volume of the data.

Kibana has an alerting solution (Alerting | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic) but it doesn't support Timelion at the moment

I updated kibana 7.13 version but it is always showing "kibana server is not ready yet"

How can we use mathlion, elastalert and enhanced table with kibana 7.13?

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