Timelion - Second part of query ignored


I'm having a issue with a query that I can't figure out. For some reason the second part of my query is always the same as the first part of my query.

When I make two simple metrics to show the sum of in_bytes with the above queries I do get the correct numbers so it's not a data problem. When I switch src_addr and dst_addr the results are also reversed (two lines showing the exact same data based on dst_addr instead of src_addr).

Looks like somehow the results from the first part of the query are copied to the second.

Hi @Sjaak01,

what version of Kibana are you using? Are you using any plugins for Timelion?


I'm using this plugin (Bytes per second - Is it possible? - #14 by rashid) to help my graphs look correct.

The reason seems to be that all assignments to the variable $q are evaluated before the other parts of the expression are evaluated. This means that the second assignment to $q (containing the netflow.ipv4_dst_addr filter) is also what is used in the first .es() clause. Introducing a second variable instead of reassigning should solve the issues, i.e.:

$src_query='vessel_name:Vessel_1 AND **netflow.ipv4_src_addr**:', $dst_query='vessel_name:Vessel_1 AND **netflow.ipv4_dst_addr**:', .es($src_query,metric='sum:netflow.in_bytes').mvavg(3m).scale_interval(1s).divide(1024).label('Up - KBps'), .es($dst_query,metric='sum:netflow.in_bytes').mvavg(3m).scale_interval(1s).divide(1024).label('Down - KBps')

Cool, didn't know you could use variables.

Looks like it's working using your example. I had to remove the ** ** though to get it working.

Great :thumbsup: You were using variables in your original query already ($q=...) :thinking: :wink:

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