Timelion: Timeseries on already aggregated valyue

Hi, I am a beginner to timelion/kibana/timeseries.

I understand to see a particular field, i need to use the metric option. But i have an index of already aggregated data. So i do not have the need to aggregate. How do i use the .es() function to show a timeseries of an hourly data ? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Without this, I am unable to take multiple fields [all of which are already aggregated] and visualize stuff.



sorry for the late reply.

As far as I understand you, you would like one point per document on the x-axis and just the value of a specific field on the y-axis?

That isn't possible, due to the way visualizations are based on aggregations, and you always have to aggregate data, but if you know that you are already having one document per hour, you could just switch the interval besides the timelion input to 1h. That way you would get one data point on the x-axis per hour, which in that case means per document. You still have to apply a metrics aggregation on each time slot, but you know that an average aggregation of one document will revel exactly the value that was in that one document.

Regarding multiple fields, in timelion you could just add multiple metricparameters to show multiple values, e.g.:

.es(metric=avg:field1, metric=avg:field2)

Hope that helps achieving what you are trying to visualize. If not could you maybe provide more context about the data, and the field names?


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