Timeout on Kibana Snapshots

When I go to Stack Management > Snapshot and Restore, this screen is displayed after 30 seconds.

The request implicated is app/management/data/snapshot_restore/snapshots, which returns the following JSON after exactly 30 seconds:

{"snapshots":[],"policies":["daily-snapshot-xxxxxxx","daily-snapshots-yyyyyyy"],"repositories":[],"errors":{"snapshots":{"displayName":"RequestTimeout","message":"Request Timeout after 30000ms"}}}

The repository is working properly, the snapshots are being generated every day in my Azure Blob Storage instance, and the Verify Repository button says it's connected.

I have tried to increase the timeout following this topic: Restoring from snapshot locally "Some repositories contain errors" - Elastic Stack / Kibana - Discuss the Elastic Stack but it didn't work for me, it's still returning that JSON after 30 seconds.

Thanks in advance.