@timestamp date different from index name date

I am getting different dates in @timestamp field and _index name field as shown in picture


My filebeat.yml output as below


Please help, Thanks

@timestamp is the timestamp of the log and it gets inserted into the index ending in -2020.02.17 because it was read by Filebeat on 17/02/2020.
What is the problem or question?

why in this situation @timestamp is different, I don't understand.

@Heber_Leandro, in your screenshot it looks like the timestamp is off by exactly 3 hours. Also notice that the timestamp on the left side does not have a time zone whereas the one on the right side does (Z = Zulu = UTC). Are you, by any chance, viewing Kibana from a UTC-0300 time zone location?


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yes I am. I think I understand now.

TimeStamp value is read by mssql module from the log itself. so it is not beat reading time, it should be actual log creation time. so it is the problem

Any help ?

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