Timestamp entries in cet without time zone are displayed in Kibana as cet +1

I have several log files with different timestamp formats. A log file like this:

In the other file like this:


The timestampe entrys with and with out timezone specification.

With the following component template i format the timestampe.


The logentry with the timezone in the timestamp are displayd correctly.


But the logentry without the timezone are displyed one hour off


In kibana i have the following settings:

What should i have to do that the timestamp without the timezone are displayed corrrectly?

Internally dates are stored in UTC. When date format contains a timezone Elasticsearch uses it to convert to UTC, but without a timezone it just assumes UTC.

I think you'll have to convert to a UTC timezone or specify your timezone during ingestion, as it won't be possible to fix on index mapping level.

Regarding Kibana advanced setting: this is just a UI formatting configuration. With it you can specify how you want to display dates in Kibana that are stored in UTC in Elasticsearch

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