Tipps for a Cluster setup


I will setup a Elasticsearchcluster for logging (Elasticsearch, Logstash Kibana). I have 2 "old" Database servers with 128 GB RAM 2x 12 core 4x 3.4 TB SAS 7200 rpm and 700 GB PCI-X-SSD. What is the best setup for this hardware?

  1. (2 nodes per server) RAID 5 with all disks (ext4 or xfs), SSD as bcache device
  2. (2 nodes per server) zfs and the SSD as L2ARC and ZIL
  3. hot-warm-architecture: one node on the SSD for the daily logs and one node on a RAID 5

The RAID 5 is for the redundancy of the OS.


I like the hot-warm architecture.

BTW I'd also add a master node only on the warm machine with 2 gb RAM, make the hot nodes not master elligible.

It's also slow, which may impact your ES performance.

I know, but 4 disks is a bad number. The other option is one mirror and 2 disks.This Setup sound broken. A redundant OS is a request from my boss.