To much results

My problem first of all i try this query:

GET /index/_search
  "query": {
    "simple_query_string": {
          "query": "(\"cheaper+than,+therapy\")",
          "analyzer": "standard",
          "flags": "OR|AND",
          "fields": ["name"]

My main problem is atm he still find matches like "GOLF . . . CHEAPER THAN THERAPY". I dont want matches like this. I want he maybe fix some typo and normalize the search query but i dont want to extend them. So in this result the TM's "GOLF . . . CHEAPER THAN THERAPY" and "RUNNING IS: CHEAPER THAN THERAPY" should not be listen.

So the result should just show results who almost the same.

I try something with fuzzienes and so on but its not help me.
The field "name" is a "text" field.

Can someone tell me what i have to update?

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