Too many closed indices influence the Elasticsearch performance?

i want to know that a lot of closed indices can influence the Elasticsearch performance?

I hava 19,000 closed indices.

I find that creating indexMapping is too slow in my cluster

Closed indices still keep meta data in the cluster state. As the size of the cluster state grows, the performance of operations resulting in cluster state updates (mapping changes, index creations, shard relocations...) can deteriorate. With 19000 closed indices I am not surprised it is getting slow.

Why do you have so many closed indices?

Thank you for your answer!

We encapsulated the delete logic, and now delete will close, instead of deleting directly, which can help someone want to recycle the deleted data. Then we clean up the closed indices regularly.

So close the indices will be more and more

It would seem that approach is unlikely to scale very well. Have you considered instead using the snapshot API to store old data?

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