Top Hit Aggregation in Data Table showing Undefined for all bools

I'm trying to get the most recent value of a boolean field in a data table. To do this I'm using the Top Hit aggregation with my field, aggregating with concatenate, a size of 1 and sorted on a timestamp. When I do this the column I expect to show the value of the booleans shows undefined for every row. Looking at the events in discover this field is never undefined. Does this type of aggregation not work with booleans? I am using Kibana 7.4.1.


I am not sure if I get this question. What is the concatenate here?
I also think top aggregates don't work with boolean. I will try to get an definite answer.


I'm new to Kibana so I'm not entirely sure, but according to this post (Display latest value in a „Metric“), that aggregation should return the most recent value of a field. If this doesn't work with boolean then do you know another way to get that data?

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