Topbeats - My first load into Elastic

Hello, newbie here. I'm just having a play with Elasticsearch, Kibana and Topbeats.

All of the above are on the same linux server with default configuration - APART from me changing the elasticsearch and kibana host from localhost to

I can connect to Kibana fine and can do a quick console search *.
Kibana and Elasticsearch logs are clean.

Now, I've installed topbeats on the same server, again default configuration but pointing to elasticsearch instance rather than "localhost". When I start topbeats I'm getting the below over and over:

2018/04/09 12:51:11.794688 client.go:297: DBG ES Ping(url=, timeout=1m30s)
2018/04/09 12:51:11.799476 client.go:306: DBG Ping status code: 200
2018/04/09 12:51:11.799549 bulkapi.go:130: DBG Sending bulk request to
2018/04/09 12:51:11.800362 client.go:112: ERR Failed to perform any bulk index operations: 406 Not Acceptable
2018/04/09 12:51:11.800381 single.go:77: INFO Error publishing events (retrying): 406 Not Acceptable
2018/04/09 12:51:11.800389 single.go:154: INFO send fail
2018/04/09 12:51:11.800399 single.go:161: INFO backoff retry: 1m0s

I've tried with topbeats pointing at, the actual I.P and localhost.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

I moved your question to #beats:topbeat

Anyway, you should try metricbeat instead as it's the replacer of topbeat.

Topbeat is EOL for quite some time. Metricbeat replaces topbeat with a many more functionality.

Which versions of Elasticsearch, Kibana are you using?

The Ping in the log indicates the beat can connect. But the bulk request is not accepted by Elasticsearch. Have you had a look at Elasticsearch logs?

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