Total beginner: Search UI for python queries

Hey guys,

I am totally new to Elastic Search and also to front end programming at all. So currently, I am working on a Natural Language Processing problem, where I want to find sentence similarities between a query sentence and a given Database of sentences. I wrote a python script that does exactly that: I can write a sentence as an input, have some database (such as a document) and through a neural network it prints out the top 5 most similar sentences within the document.

My task is now to create a pretty UI and I was suggested to use Elastic Search. As I said, I have no background experience in front end development at all and I am a bit lost right now. However, I am very motivated to work into that field! So my first question is: Does Elastic Search offer the functionality to do what I need? I am basically just looking for some interface to deliver the query sentence to my python script and then return the output from my python script.

If this is possible, what are the necessary steps for me to achieve this?

Thank you a lot for your help!

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