Trace logs in ES

Hi there,
My current LogStash project is trying to have all the submitted jobs indexed in ES, and if there was a job with some failure, we should return back the immediate cause of the failure. At this moment, I have these 2 questions now if someone can help.

  1. Given a log file, if we know the key message in a log file, sometimes, I may also need to get the before/after lines of that key part. Something as if I was running this unix command "grep -B5 -A5 server.log". So Is there a way we could have the similar mechanism in ES ?

  2. Some of our log file does not give the root cause of failure, but contains the message as " check further details in a different log file ... ". For something like this, what would be the better way to trace the root cause ?


  1. Nope.
  2. That's more a user oriented problem.

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