Tracing between Reactive and Servlet applications

I have several Spring Boot REST applications (Servlet) behind Spring Cloud Gateway (WebFlux) single entry point application. I've noticed that calls that are made between services have the same in scope of one request/response action, whereas gateway has it's own different
So I was wondering why the is different? Is it somehow related to the fact that services are based on Servlet API whereas gateway is based on Reactive stack (Mono/Flux)? And is there a possibility to somehow tweak the configuration to make gateways the same as services'


I have created a demo Reactive rest service and configured my gateway application to proxy certain request to that demo application. And I found that the trace.ids are also different. So I suppose that the problem is not related to the difference between Servlet API and Reactive API, but with the gateway itself.

Maybe proxying functionality is somehow affects the trace.ids?

Any ideas?