Tracking User flow and UX - Is it possible?

I have been reading about APM and learned so far that it is more of tracking technical details than figuring out whether sales going fine or how the user is using the app.

Let me come up with an example.

I want to know that when a user lands on one of the product pages:

  • Where was he hovering the mouse more and duration.
  • Did he click on some link>
  • Did he add item into the basket?
  • If he left the checkout page then what went wrong?
  • How many sales did that product made in a month?
  • How many times that product added in a basket in a month

I know APM can't provide these matrics with existing agents but can I feed these tiny details on each event somehow? If yes, guide me with some tutorial.


Hi Adnan,

As you probably already know APM is not a good fit for this use-case, however, if you want to include some of these metrics with agent-generated events you can do that. Our Real User Monitoring agent can instrument JS applications running in the browser.

There are two different APIs that can be used. If you are only interested in seeing these metrics in the APM dashboard you can use setCustomContext API. If you want to search for these metrics as well, you should use addTags API.

Please note that these metrics will be added to all events generated by the agent which includes Errors and Transactions.


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