Traefik integration

Traefik supports five tracing backends according to

I was wondering if there's a way of using any of those to integrate with APM? Like some sort of adapter.

@trajano it is possible to translate from Jaeger, Zipkin, and potentially others to Elastic APM. I'm not aware of anybody having released code to do that yet. We have an open issue for implementing an OpenTelemetry Exporter which, if implemented, should address this.

Another option would be to plug the Go agent directly into Traefik as another backend, since Traefik uses OpenTracing, and the Elastic APM agents support the OpenTracing API.

So basically add the "APM server" to the stack in place of zipkin and tell traefik to use that instead of zipkin. Sounds reasonable. I'll try it out shortly. I am dealing with a Kibana/Beats issue at the moment.

I'm not sure if I was clear, but there will be significant code changes required. Either we'll need to implement an OpenTelemetry Exporter (which is something we are likely to do in the future), or changes would be required to Traefik itself to support the additional backend.

Yah I was just going through the documentation and what you said. Specifically the word agents which I missed on my first glance. That means not the server.

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