Training query

When I move from the OBs ENG labs (2.2-2.3) I can no longer see the data metrics from both mysqk and or the other? is this an ongoing issue?



Hey @Mark3!

I suspect you wont get much help with your question in this topic area. This is for the Enterprise Search product. It's not immediately clear to me from your question where we should move your post to. You mention "labs", so if you're having trouble with Elastic training materials, let me know and I can move this to the Elastic Training category.


Hi Ross,
yes, I'm doing the Elastic Training labs, I was probably too lazy to find the right category. If you could move it that'd be great, thanks,


Hi Mark,

I suspect the issue is similar to the other you mentioed about logs not coming in: the systems where Metricbeat was running shut down, and have not started back up. If you log into those systems and start Metricbeat again, everything should be fine.


Hi Will,

did restart Metricbeats but no “live logs” coming through. Is there a specific order for starting up Heatrbeats and Metricbeats?

Any help appreciated,



Metricbeat won't provide logs, you'll need to start up Filebeat to get logs. There's no particular order for starting up the Beats, it can be done in any order.

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