Observability Engineer Lab 6.4: Stacked Visualization

While trying to work with lab 6.4 in the Observability Engineer course, I am trying to replicate the visualization depicted in step 16. Even after starting filebeat/metricbeat and heartbeat on mysql/petclinicclient/server and elasticsearch, I can only get mysql and the petclinic client server to show any data. I assume that would mean that all the beats are not configured? I have been following all the labs and have configured quite a few, but still no data shows up in the TSVB even after 15 minutes.

Am i missing any step where i need to go though all servers and check if each beat is correctly configured to send data to elastic? I have been working on the labs on and off, pausing the strigo workspace.


I would check whether or not all the beats have restarted. They do not restart automatically when the strigo environment wakes back up, unfortunately.

It would have been good to know the pre-requisites for the lab, especially when we restart Strigo periodically.

So, it worked after configuring some beats.

In fact, it would not have worked if I had not completed lab 8.3. Looks like there are some steps needed or the labs need to be re-sequenced.

We will be producing an updated course later this Fall, and will take steps to improve the interoperability of the labs in the on-demand environment.

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