Transcations are not coming from lambda-django function


I am using Elastico 7 version.

I am trying to configure APM for our Lambda-django function.. But transaction and errors are not coming.

I am getting metrics properly.

Please help

Hello @minu.ajith! Unfortunately we don't currently support AWS Lambda in Elastic APM. If this is a feature that you would like to see, could you please post on this issue?


Thank you for the update and I have updated the post.

However, I am wondering the transactions are appearing in Kibana without

I believe thats the reason APM is not able to process the logs.

Do you know why ?


Hmmm. I'm a little surprised they're showing up in Kibana at all. The lack of transaction name may be because we (usually) set the transaction name during the transaction (because during the transaction we can look up the relevant pieces for the name) and perhaps that's not happening properly due to the lack of official support?

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