Transform indices show green but Regular indices shows yellow status

Hi all

ES and K version = 7.7.0
I am using a one node development machine that has ES and Kibana running. All my indices display a status YELLOW (understandable because I have one node). However ALL my transform indices display GREEN ! Not sure why ? Could anyone please provide me a logic for this ?



Transform auto-creates the destination index with:

"auto_expand_replicas" : "0-1"

That's why, this is a dynamic index setting, so it can be changed later.

If you want different static settings, you can create the destination index yourself before starting the transform.

Index settings are described here.

Thanks @Hendrik_Muhs
Is there a way to update an existing index with these settings ?
I get this error
{ "error" : { "root_cause" : [ { "type" : "resource_already_exists_exception", "reason" : "index [chicago_crime/Y-Ny9wbsS_uASR4aae0HQA] already exists", "index_uuid" : "Y-Ny9wbsS_uASR4aae0HQA", "index" : "chicago_crime" } ], "type" : "resource_already_exists_exception", "reason" : "index [chicago_crime/Y-Ny9wbsS_uASR4aae0HQA] already exists", "index_uuid" : "Y-Ny9wbsS_uASR4aae0HQA", "index" : "chicago_crime" }, "status" : 400 }