Index settings or templates changed back overnight

Hi All,

I've tried to change the index settings (templates too) for the below special (+X-Pack) indexes from 1 primary 0 replica to 1 primary 2 replicas but overnight the settings have been changed back.

Let's say for .kibana, I would like to have at least one replica in case it gets corrupted or the node with it gets down in a cluster. In this case all users cannot use Kibana as .kibana index is unreachable.


I know that these are special indexes.

Could someone explain if it's possible to make persistent changes to them and how?
By changes I mean modifying number or shards & replicas.


Utilising the support contract in place we come to:

If you look at:
GET .kibana/_settings
GET .security/_settings
GET .monitoring-es-6-*/_settings

You will see dynamic index settings are in place:
Auto-expand the number of replicas based on the number of available nodes. Set to a dash delimited lower and upper bound (e.g. 0-5) or use all for the upper bound (e.g. 0-all). Defaults to false(i.e. disabled).

Essentially, depending on how many nodes you have in your cluster, these system indices will expand replicas as per the needs of redundancy.

Thanks Jymit.

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