.kibana index template

I want to add several replicas for system .kibana index.
I have created template.

    PUT _template/kibana
      "index_patterns": ".kibana*",
     "settings": {
      "number_of_replicas": "5"

After first start kibana service i see .kibana_1 or .kibana_2 index, but replica settings didn't assign to this indexes. Index has only 1 replica.
Why template haven't assigned to the index?
What interesting. Some times, after deleting all .kibana indexes and running kibana service .kibana named index created and it has needed settings. But when i reload kibana service .kibana index stay deleted and .kibana_1 index created without right settings.

Thanks in advance for reply.

Templates are only applied to new indices, not existing ones. You will need to increase the replica count of those directly.

For sure i removed .kibana indexes after template creation. But new indexes created with 1 replica shard. Parameter "number_of_replicas" doesn't work for index .kibana_1

It is possible that the Kibana index uses auto_expand_replicas, which would override the replica count setting. You can change the auto_expand_replica setting to expand to 0-all nodes or a number higher than the standard 0-1 instead of explicitly specifying the number of replicas.

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It's work. Thank you!

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