Transform percentage value

Hi Guys,

I have an action using a percentage value that is showing as 0,98 and I wanted to be 98% so I need to multiply the value *100. I am not sure in the action how to do it. Or do I need a transform in the action but then how to used the result in the action further steps?

      "text": "Server: {{}}, has reported a Memory usage of {{ctx.payload.hits.hits.0._source.system.memory.used.pct}}% of usage for the last 5 minutes. Please check it out. "

Please let me know.

Hi, looks like this is Watcher syntax. As this is the Kibana forum, you might not get the best advice here, but the Elasticsearch forum has more experts in this area.

I think you will need a Transform action, to modify the data in ctx.payload before it goes to the action block.

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