Transport client error after installing x-pack on es-5-5-1

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I have the following configs related to xpack: false
xpack.monitoring.enabled: true false
xpack.graph.enabled: false
xpack.watcher.enabled: false

Also have the below: false

Still getting the below error. (Note Everything works as soon as I remove x-pack)

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown NamedWriteable [org.elasticsearch.cluster.metadata.MetaData$Custom][ml]
at org.elasticsearch.cluster.metadata.MetaData.readFrom(
at org.elasticsearch.cluster.ClusterState.readFrom(
at org.elasticsearch.action.admin.cluster.state.ClusterStateResponse.readFrom(
at org.elasticsearch.transport.TcpTransport.handleResponse(
... 23 more

(Tim Vernum) #2

Are you using the X-Pack transport client?

(David Kyle) #3

Machine Learning adds custom fields the the Elasticsearch metadata. From the stack trace I can see that ML has added its custom fields and so must have been enabled at some point. X-Pack knows how to parse the metadata and should be installed on every node. The X-Pack features don't have to be enabled but you must install X-Pack on every node in your cluster.

(Akshay Maniyar) #4


@Tim: Was not using the x-pack-transport client. I was using the org.elasticsearch.client:transport client. Was of the impression that x-pack-transport client is only required when security feature is being used. Since I had disabled the security feature, was using the normal transport client. The code is working perfectly after using the x-pack-transport client. Perhaps the same could be mentioned in the documentation that if you are using x-pack then always x-pack-transport client should be used. (Note this was not the case in es-5-2-2, normal transport client used to work with x-pack)

@dkyle: That explains why normal transport client used to work earlier and doesn't work now. FYI: X-pack was installed in all the machines. It seems just the normal transport client cannot be used now if you are using x-pack .

Thanks all!

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