Tribe Name in Tribe Node on_conflict setting

We are starting to use a tribe node with ES 2.4.2 but there are several settings that we are unclear about. In the documentation they give the following example:

t1: cluster_one
t2: cluster_two

Further down it says "When there is a conflict and multiple clusters...configured using the tribe.on_conflict setting. It defaults to any, but can be set to drop (drop indices that have a conflict), or prefer_[tribeName] to prefer the index from a specific tribe."

My question is two fold:

(1) In the example above, what would the tribeName be? Would it be prefer_t1 or prefer_cluster_one ?
(2) Additionally, should the in the tribe node's elasticsearch.yml match the cluster_names in the two separate clusters? (That is, if you curl the first cluster, the cluster_name would actually be "cluster_one")

Thank you for your time.

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