Trouble creating bar charts on Canvas


I am exploring on Canvas and had some trouble creating the Vertical/Horizontal bar chart.
I am trying to recreate a chart similar to the photo I uploaded below onto Canvas.

I am able to write the query to get the information out but unable to create into bars like this.

This is my query:
SELECT system.cpu.user.pct/system.cpu.cores as user, system.cpu.system.pct/system.cpu.cores as system, system.cpu.nice.pct/system.cpu.cores as nice, system.cpu.irq.pct/system.cpu.cores as irq, system.cpu.softirq.pct/system.cpu.cores as softirq, system.cpu.iowait.pct/system.cpu.cores as iowait FROM "metricbeat-*" where host.hostname='NUSSERVER' AND system.cpu.cores IS NOT NULL

which gives me this:

Where can I learn to edit the settings to output the desired chart? and What settings should I set on the dimensions & measure tab to produce my desired outcome.

Hey @TsuWeiQuan, you might find this discussion helpful: Canvas: how to make stacked area chart?

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