Trouble getting an new node added to a cluster


When trying to add the new node to the cluster it fails on bootstrapcheck.

[2020-05-28T20:05:45,054][INFO ][o.e.t.TransportService   ] [log04] publish_address {}, bound_addresses {}
[2020-05-28T20:05:45,426][INFO ][o.e.b.BootstrapChecks    ] [log04] bound or publishing to a non-loopback address, enforcing bootstrap checks
[2020-05-28T20:05:45,436][ERROR][o.e.b.Bootstrap          ] [log04] node validation exception
[1] bootstrap checks failed
[1]: JVM is using the serial collector but should not be for the best performance; either it's the default for the VM [OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM] or -XX:+UseSerialGC was explicitly specified

It is an ubuntu 20.04, with the default embedded OpenJDK.

Do you guys know of any "bugs" on Ubuntu 20.04 and Elasticserch 7.7.0?

Regards Falk

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I ran into the same thing. Took me a while digging through the chain of shell scripts to figure out a fix. Hopefully this'll save someone else some headache.

I had to modify the systemd unit file with a new environment variable to force java off of the "Serial Garbage Collector"

Note that paths may vary depending on OS (I'm on CentOS):

root@linux# cd /lib/systemd/system

Modify elasticsearch.service
In the [Service] section, add the following with the other Environment= lines


save and exit the file.

root@linux# systemctl daemon-reload

The elasticsearch service should now start up.


Thanks for the answer.

For me it ended with using our 20.04 as docker hosts :slight_smile:
And it works for the cold nodes atleast :slight_smile:

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