Trouble loading data from pig to elasticsearch

I have a hadoop cluster managed by Cloudera CDH 5.3.

I have ElasticSearch 1.4.4 installed in my master machine(

I have downloaded the marvel plugin and so access to my ES via :

I have created an index via sense named myindex with a type named mytype to
push my data in it later.

I did also install kibana 4 and changed the kibana.yml like this :

The host to bind the server to

host: ""

The Elasticsearch instance to use for all your queries.

elasticsearch_url: ""
I access to it via port 5601 (

Now I want to load a data I have in my hdfs into my ElasticSearch.

After dowloading the es-hadoop jar and adding it to the path.

This is how I proceeded :


--load the CDR.csv file
cdr= LOAD '/user/omar/CDR.csv' using PigStorage(';')

STORE cdr INTO 'myindex/mytype' USING'es.nodes'='');
When I execute this; the job is a success !!!

BUT, nothing seems to appear in my ES !

  1. When I go and access to marvel, I don't find any documents in myindex !

2 )Neither in my Kibana plugin !

  1. Furthermore, when I want to consult the logs in the HUE, I can't find a

Why data isn't pushed in my ES?
What should I do to visualize it?
Why is my created job a success but none log is there to see what's
Any help? Thank you !

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