Trying to start logstash in Azure - error

I am using your instructions to try and install the stack.

Having got elasticsearch up and running, i am now trying to run logstash. I get the following error:

kev@Kubuntu:~/logstash-2.3.1$ ./bin/logstash -f logstash.config
translation missing: en.logstash.runner.configuration.file-not-found {:level=>:error}

I actually dont hae a logstash.comfig file (the instructions say: 'After extracting the Logstash archive, we then need to specify the configuration file and do the following:'

I was assuming the config file would be created at runtime.

Any help please. I'm really new to Elastic so be gentle!

You need to create a file with config, LS doesn't know what you want to process :slight_smile:

what should the config file look like. There isnt a default one in the tar extract that i can find!

Thans very much for your help.

what should the config file look like.

It depends on what you want to do with Logstash. Please consult the documentation and the the examples there.