Trying to undand MArvel stats and merge with SSD

Running Elasticsearch 1.2.1 with Java 1.7_55 on CentOs 6.5

The machine is a 32 core 96GB with standard spinning disk, but I also
installed 1 Samsung Evo 840 for testing ES.
The Evo is rated at 500MB/s though the Linux perf test reported about
300MB/s read and about 250MB/s write. The board is SataII which explains
why it's 300MB/s max.

Using Jmeter to send index requests to ES

Executing about 6200 puts/s

Marvel reports
2200 IOPS/
20MB merges/s

And iostat for the drive

sdf 0.00 14214.00 0.00 2021.33 0.00 62.35 63.17
10.49 5.17 0.48 97.27

Also seeing on the console: stop throttling indexing: numMergesInFlight=4,

Are these numbers good?

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