Trying to upgrade elasticsearch docker from 1.5.2 to 2.4.6

Can you please share the steps to upgarde the Elasticsearch running in docker.
Have tried the steps mentioned in the below link. But all indexes were failing to come up.

step1: Disable shard alloation(PUT /_cluster/sttings)
Step2: perform a synced flush(/index/_flush/synced)
step 3: shutdown and upgrade all nodes(stop the container and retag the upgraded Elasticsearch)
After this step getting error.

steps im doing is correct? if not please share the steps to do the same.

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2.X is no longer supported and you really need to upgrade to a newer version.

Currently, we are using the 1.5.2 version. we need to move to the latest.
We planned to move 2., then 5. finally 7.0

Is this approach is correct? if not please suggest the right approach and steps to do the same.

You'd be better off starting up a new 7.17 cluster, updating your mappings, then doing a remote reindex into that new cluster.

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Thanks for your suggestions.
Is there any plugin available to update mappings and check the changes.

There are migration assistants in later versions, but they require you to upgrade in place.

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