TSL/SSL basic license for ES Versions 7+

i tried to setup user-name and password for my single node ElasticSearch-kibana clusters using the instructions below, but it seems this is not possible without first setting up TSL/SSL, which will enable communication with encryption that requires certification between elasticSearch and Kibana nodes. I was wondering if i can do TSL/SSL with free basic license

earlier post instruction that did not work:

  1. In elasticsearch.yml
    xpack.security.enabled: true
  2. Generating passwords via command line
    ./elasticsearch-setup-passwords auto
  3. Adding the kibana username and pass in kibana.yml
    elasticsearch.username: “kibana”
    elasticsearch.password: “generated in the previous step”
  4. Starting ES and Kibana
    Login to kibana with “elastic” username and password
  5. Adding a new user/role via kibana dashboard

hi @pemfir
Yes SSL / TLS is a basic feature.
Yes you need to enable SSL / TLS for Basic Authentication they go together.
Please try to refrain from reposting the same question, you should have just responded to the same thread.

Take a look at this blog

I also wrote a pretty detailed walk through

@warkolm perhaps close one or the other.