TSVB aggregate timestamp interval backward, not forward


Is it possible to aggregate documents through TSVB, or Kibana by all means, where instead of grouping the timestamp forward, we do it backwads?

And as such, instead of dropping the last bucket we would drop the first bucket, since the last one will actually use documents at the bucket timestamp and previous timestamps, not following.

They are all based on date histogram aggregation in Elasticsearch and it has no option to "backwards" bucketing.

Hi @pjago Welcome to the community!

I think I get what you are asking ... can the buckets start from now and be defined from newest to oldest time... unfortunately we do not have that option right now... as far as I know.

The earliest time in the time range marks the time of the first / oldest / beginning buckets and the buckets are calculated forward from that point forward... which often leads to a partial "Last / Newest" Bucket that is why the option "Drop Last Bucket is there ...

In short TSVB does not support what you are asking for.

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Maybe its time to start working on this? I also would love to see this implemented.

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Please feel free to open a feature request in the Kibana repo.

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@stephenb will not do this; Id rather clone, develop it myself than open FR.

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