TSVB - Sum of value for unique records

Is there anyway I can filter unique records and then find the sum of value for those unique records?

Data example:
Order# - TotalMRC
O101 - $120
O101 - $120(duplicate record)
O102 - $130
O103 - $120

Expected result:
120 + 130+ 120 = 370

For the above example how do I find the sum of total MRC for unique orders in TSVB?

End Result:


I'm having a hard time getting it done in TSVB, but it is possible using the aggregation-based visualizations:

  1. Under "Metrics", select "Sum Bucket"
  2. Under "Bucket", select "Terms"
  3. Under "Field", select "Order#" (or whatever the name of this field is)
  4. Under "Metric", select "Max" (or "Min", assuming all values for TotalMRC are the same)
  5. Under "Field", select "TotalMRC"

You should end up with something that looks like this:

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks for your reply!! Appreciate the quick solution. I tried your solution and it works. However, one of the reasons(apart from the background color - btw can we do that in agg based viz?) I went for TSVB is that it had the 'Math' option which was really helpful in doing basic multiplication which I was not able to find in agg based visualization. Is it possible?

Please let me know. Thanks again!!!

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