Ttl is enabled but it is not deleting document

Hi Experts,

I am using ES 1.7.1, my requirement is to delete document which are 10 days old . So for this I am using ttl mapping something like

    "template" : "abc*",
    "settings" : {
        "index.query.default_field" : "message",
		"type": "custom",
    "mappings" : {
        "_default_" : {
		"_ttl": {"enabled": true,"default": "10d"},
                "_all" : {"enabled" : false},			
			"properties" : {
			  "rt": {"type": "date"},
                          "spt" :{"type": "integer","doc_values" : true}

Now when I am creating index based on rt(receive time) using LS, documents are not getting deleted which are older than 10 days . I cheeked my data in the log file it is old. Please suggest what I am missing .

I do not understand where is the problem , even I set** indices.ttl.interval** property , but it's still not working .

If you are using LS then why aren't you using time based indices?

is there anything in the ES logs?

Actually my index has already been created and it has millions of documents I do not want to reindex whole data .

Now regarding ttl , a very strange thing which I observed is , if I mention ttl:enable and default:3s in the mapping and indices.ttl.interval:3s , then it starts deleting document , but it deletes everything as data is older than 3s . It does not work when I use 1d or 10 min any other perameter, not sure why it is like this .

This is tiny, it's well worth reindexing to time based indices in this instance.

ok, so I am opting this option, thanks again.