TTL problem

Dear Elasticsearch,

We use the elasticsearch's _ttl feature which is not clear to us. The next
is written in the latest documentation :

Expired documents will be automatically deleted regularly. You can
dynamically set the indices.ttl.interval to fit your needs. The default
value is 60s .
The deletion orders are processed by bulk. You can set
indices.ttl.bulk_size to fit your needs. The default value is 10000.

Knowing this, we modified the indices.ttl.interval to 30s and
indices.ttl.bulk_size to 3. After, we sent some (2000) logs into our index
with _ttl : 1m .
After a while, we noticed that more logs have been deleted as expected. So
all logs were deleted within 30s after one minute elapsed but there only 3
logs should have been deleted.
Is this normal ? We thought that only 3 logs will be deleted. How is the
deletion of logs implemented on the elasticsearch ? Could you give me more
information on the deletion of logs ?

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