Tutorial On Installing ELK on Lubuntu 15.04 (EDITED)

I was very interesting in having an ELK server but many tutorials were not too clear about some things so I decided on making one from scratch. I used other guides to help me on making my guide which includes installing the operating system to configuring logstash and more. My guide does not follow any "how to make a guide" so please do not say "well the photos are out of place,some words are in bold, to much spacing, you use alot the word next..etc.." I made it in word because I will edit it overtime and anyone is welcome to help out. If I made a mistake on a code or something I will gladly appreciate the feedback. I installed on Lubuntu and its on Hyper-V.
Again thanks to the people who created this software and for other tutorials that are mentioned on my guide.

Hope this helps

Here is the link for the Guide: http://www.mediafire.com/view/j25mbohmmxvt7g4/Installing_ELK_on_Lubuntu_15.0.4_ON_HYPER-V.docx

Link on Lubuntu: http://lubuntu.net/

EDIT: Added updated geoip and curator big thanks to @magnusbaeck

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Nice work :slight_smile:

thanks glad I can help others, i think i might need to fix the 10-syslog.conf because its not filtering correctly :frowning: