Tutorial suricata with Kibana 4


You are there a tutorial on installing Kibana 4 with suricata?

thank you


Kibana only connects to Elasticsearch, it cannot connect to any other backend.

I misspoke, how to integrate suricata Kibana 4?
thank you

If you explain more what "integrate Suricata with Kibana 4" actually means I'm sure you'll get better replies. What problem are you trying to solve? You should assume that people don't know Suricata.

Amazing that you know not Suricata:
Explanation (via Wikipedia)
Suricata is an open source-based intrusion detection system (IDS). It was developed by the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF). A beta version was released in December 2009, with the first standard release following in July 2010

Therefore, I ask you if there is a tutorial that gives the possibility of integrated suricata to Kibana 4.

Because before we could do it with Kibana 3 (above tutorial)


thank you

As mentioned, Kibana only integrates with Elasticsearch, you cannot integrate Kibana with Suricata directly.

If you can get the data into Elasticsearch then you can get it working.