Two bars in vertical/horizontal chart

Hi there
I have problem with visualization.

What I want?

  • vertical or horizontal chart
  • one bar representing field with all products divided by some business unit: Y-axis will be count of those, X-axis the business units (that I can achieve)
  • second bar would take count from the first bar and have filter NOT somefield: *
    I cant achieve the second bar. They are just all melted into one bar and the result is of course good, but I would prefer one bar by another to see count of all product and the smaller one which has this filter, so something like that:

or that:

I tried with splitting this:

  • by chart NOT filter first
  • by series by business unit here

And I always land with one bar per business unit.
I achieved it with pie chart, but its non-readable in there:

Hi there, what version of Kibana are you using? In 7.14 we introduced Formula for Lens visualizations and it should help in your case.

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Hi Marta, We are using 7.1.1. We want to upgrade to 7.14 by the end of the year :slight_smile: Can I see this in trial cloud of elasticsearch?

Yes, you could see this in cloud trial, but there might be also a solution for you for the version you're currently on. I am not 100% sure I understand the goal, but maybe it will help. In Visualize Vertical Bar,I created two bars with filters aggregation on x-Axis and then split series with terms aggregation.
I have two filters: '*' (all records, first bar) and 'category.keyword: Women's category' (second bar)

Let me know if this is close to what you wanted to achieve.

Screenshot of configuration:

Hi Marta, unfortunately not. I tried that, It just create me one column. Because the split series I use filters.

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