Two Index pattern with different time filter field names

I have one index and I want to visualize my data using two different time filters (i.e. two different fields).
Do I need to create two index patterns? Is it even possible to create two index pattern on same index? I thought I could create second index pattern and choose another filed as time filter, doesn't allow me though.


  mydata : "abcd"
  timestamp1: 1605905471710
  timestamp2: 1605905471099

I want to visualize my data based on timestamp1 and timestamp2 separately.

You must already index the two timestamps with the correct mapping = date and then you can create two separate visualize

I did not understand. Can you please elaborate a bit?
When I create index pattern, I can select only one of the fields (timestamp1 or timestamp2) as time filter. Let's say I select timestamp1 as time-filter.
Now if I try to create another index pattern (with time filter as timestamp2), it does not allow me to create , it says index pattern already exists with same name.
Are you saying it is not necessary to create another index pattern?

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