Two nodes cluster questions

I have a two nodes cluster in production.
I know this not good but, right now, I cant afford a 3th node.
I have read: Resilience in small clusters | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

For example node1 is master and node2 not.
I have a load balancer in front of these two servers so the requests are spread. indexations are carried out regularly, a few new documents are indexed every minute.
Let's say that during a network problem, the two nodes no longer see each other. All queries continue to "work", I understand that the more time passes, the more the search requests will be inconsistent cause of continous indexing.

Will the new documents be available for search on both nodes when the network comes back? or will only the documents of the Master node be replicated on node2 at the end?

Thx for you help,

If the two nodes are separated you will only be able to continue indexing on the master eligible node. All indexing requests to the other node will fail. Once the cluster comes back together the indices on the master-eligible node will be replicated to the dedicated data node. Searches against the dedicated data node will get more and more stale as time goes by.

But searches queries are possible on both during this (network outage)?

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