Two nodes on one physical machine

I know this topic has been discussed before, but please bear with me as my use case is different than anything I've found on the forums.

I have new machines I'm joining to Elasticsearch. They contain about 500GB of SSDs and 5.5TB of HDDs.

I'm hoping to setup a warm/hot architecture as seen in this blog post.

The issue comes about when I want to shrink a hot index, thereby reallocating it from the SSDs (one mount pointed to /elasticsearch/hot/) to the HDDs (another mount pointed to /elasticsearch/warm/). It appears I need two nodes running on the same machine in order to perform this operation and utilize both the warm and hot storage.

Is this supported? Would I be better off Dockerizing my ES instances? Any help is greatly appreciated.

ES: 5.1.1


If that works for you, it makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks @warkolm. I'd prefer to use the native Elasticsearch functionality. Do you have a link to how I go about setting this up? I'm not too familiar with Docker at the moment..

Have a read through

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