Type mapping conflict during reindex


I'm trying to automate the process of schema update and after reading the docs I decided to use the approach with aliases and reindex API.

Everything was fine when I added for example new analysers or new fields. Things has gone bad when I tried to change a type of an existing field.
Here is what I do (I'm skipping some not important details):

  1. I have an index with alias attached
  2. I create new index
  3. I perform reindex from the current index to the new index
  4. I switch the alias

In the case, where new mappings contain different type for an existing field, I get an error:
{"error":{"root_cause": [{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"mapper [fieldName] of different type, current_type [keyword], merged_type ,"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"mapper [fieldName] of different type, current_type [keyword], merged_type [date]"},"status":400}

Is there any way, to ignore such confict, so the reindex API will just skip such conflicted data?

Currently it's breaking the process, so I end up with an old index not being updated.

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