Type of data/logs to start with Elastic GEO capabilities


I want to test the GEO capabilities of Elastic.
If my logs do not have any "geo_ coordinates", does that mean that I cannot test the GEO capabilities? Is it possible to add the geo coordinates (or other type of GEO) manually?

What type of logs/data do I need to have?
I am attaching an example of my logs.

Thank you in advance


you can use the geoip processor to look up information about the ip address. This includes information like country, state or city (depending on granularity of the available information). As those are text strings used for the enrichment, there is no need for geo based datatypes like a point or a shape.

Would that be sufficient for you?


But I guess it will only work if I have IP addresses in my logs, right?

yes, but the example above included one, thus my assumption this would be true. Do you have another use-case in mind?

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